Sustainability Every Step of the Way

Sustainable values

For us at Bambo Nature, it’s a vital part of our values, foundation, and business to do everything we can to leave a cleaner Earth for our kids and endless generations to come. But sustainability is more than about how we use materials or physical resources. As a family-owned company, we know that all our employees, suppliers, retailers, and you, our customer, can only thrive if we take care of ourselves and each other, too. There’s room for everyone, and we’re here to help as many families as possible all over the world live happy, healthy, sustainable lives.

Sustainable products

Corporations across the globe have always been part of our planet’s environmental problems, and that means it’s our responsibility to become part of the solution. So every product we make has to fulfil a need in the simplest way possible, with few, selected raw materials from responsible suppliers, safe and energy-efficient manufacturing, environmentally friendly distribution and use, and finally responsible recycling or disposal.

Sustainable production and waste management

We realise how running a production facility can affect the environment and we take every possible precaution to keep our waste level at an absolute minimum. The EU estimates that 3 billion tons of waste is thrown away in Europe alone every year. Our own production in Denmark recycles 95 % of all waste from our production of baby diapers. The waste consists of e.g. foil wrapping from raw materials and surplus textiles. All waste is collected and sold to certified, reliable recycling companies where it is processed and turned into new raw materials.

Sustainable business conduct

We continue to support the UN Global Compact and its ten principles of responsible business conduct and encourage all of our suppliers to act responsibly and fair. As of 2018, 85 % of our suppliers had signed the UN Global Compact. And we continue to increase that number. We are certified according to the SA8000 standard, which is the leading social certification standard for factories and organisations worldwide.

We have to continuously earn all our certifications . That means our doors are always open to 3rd party control to ensure that we walk the talk.