Bambo Nature Overnight Nappies size 3

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Bambo Nature Overnight Nappies are designed to give your child a safe, soft, and comfortable night’s sleep. Our enhanced leakage protectors prevent leaks during the night and our nappies’ high performance core secures total absorbency protection. Thanks to an innovative channel technology, featuring state-of-the-art absorption speed, our nappies keep your child’s skin dry throughout the night –also during movement. Overnight nappies are made of high-quality materials designed to be worn for several hours, while still being comfortable and gentle on your child’s skin. The nappies are super-soft and provide a perfect, comfortable fit that enables freedom of movement. They are fully breathable both front and back which means that the materials let your child’s skin breathe during the night and prevent it from getting overheated. Our hypoallergenic nappies minimize the risk of allergy, skin irritations and nappy rash; with breathable materials and made with 0% parabens, lotions, preservatives, and chlorine.

  • Enhanced leakage protection for overnight protection

  • Ultra-fast absorbing channels that keep your child dry throughout the night

  • Minimizing the risk of allergy-made with 0% parabens, lotions, preservatives, and chlorine

  • Dermatologically tested to protect your child’s delicate skin


Bambo Nature Overnight Nappies size 3

Size: 3 (9-18 lbs / 4-8 kg)

Pack of 26 nappies.