Why should you choose eco-friendly Bambo Nature nappies?

Nature and its resources can and should be treated with the same care as we treat our children. Traditional disposable nappies may contain allergens, chemicals, and materials that can take hundreds of years to degrade and contaminate ground water in the process. That’s why producing – and using – eco-friendly nappies is the natural choice for us.

What makes Bambo Nature the best eco-friendly nappies in the world?

Bambo Nature nappies were the first disposable nappies in the world to earn the highly-esteemed Nordic Swan Ecolabel and have recently earned the EU Ecolabel too. That means you can trust our baby nappies and pants to meet the strictest international requirements, environmental safety laws, and regulations:

  • Raw or recycled materials from sustainable sources
  • Transparency in the production value chain and fair-trade standards
  • Safe materials - no parabens, perfume or colour.

Whether you choose disposable nappies full-time or prefer cloth nappies, and just need disposables when you’re on-the-go, Bambo Nature diapers are always the safe choice. For leakage-protection, your baby’s skin, and the environment.

Questions about Bambo Nature and our impact on nature? Read more about our ecolabels and certifications, or ask our (environmentally) friendly Customer Service staff.