NEW Eco-friendly Overnight Baby Nappies

We are proud to introduce our new Bambo Nature Overnight nappies in a new recyclable paper packaging.  Our Overnight baby nappies provide superior protection and a perfect fit with minimal risk of leakages. Soft and breathable with an outstanding absorption speed to keep your child dry and comfortable – also during movement in the night. 
Overnight Nappies

Bambo Nature nappies follow our Nordic way of life, where function and form align with a natural respect for each other and the environment. Using only high-quality materials, Bambo Nature is skin- and eco-friendly with a perfect fit and high absorbency. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Asthma Allergy Nordic label are proof of our commitment to producing a nappy with no added parabens, perfume, colour or other unsafe preservatives. Naturally for you and your baby.

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Bambo Nature nappies are made with totally chlorine-free fluff pulp

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